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Coaching & Mentoring Space

Article Blog and Forum

This is your Space.

You can comment and evaluate on the articles we will publish here. And share on SNS. Soon we will provide also the capability for you to post your own articles and engage into discussion with other members.

The Blog is open to everyone to read, but only members can comment and rate the posts. To become a member (it is for free) either click on the "Log In" button on the top right end of the page or on the comment line and sign up from there. Your request will be processed in short time.


Our Approach

1. Preparation
After our first contact we will gather some basic information to understand your situation, stakeholders involved, expectations, calendar, technical tools etc. This might happen via mail, a short call or any communication tool of your choice. At this point we don't go into detailed discussions yet.

3. Coaching / Mentoring Sessions

We will move on to the actual Sessions. 

In order to keep things in motion even outside the sessions, we will have a tasklist for both sides. 

With your agreement, we will be recording the sessions. This has two reasons: to be able to revisit them, but also to not get distracted by taking notes. Sure enough, we will share the recordings with you.

2. Proposal

We will provide you our idea for the best approach, in terms of number and duration of session, Methods and Tools (M&T), both for the Coaching process and technical, calendar and checkpoints.

We will also prepare a quotation for your approval before we move on to the sessions.

4. Wrap-up and Conclusion

Once a solution is reached that satisfies your needs, regardless of having used all agreed number of sessions (not used sessions will not be charged), we will have one last session to review a wrap-up document describing the solution and possible still open points, as well as an open discussion about the Coaching / Mentoring experience.


About Coaching & Mentoring

Business coaching...


... is a professional service aimed at empowering individuals or teams within an organization to achieve their full potential and drive business success. It involves a collaborative partnership between a trained coach and the client, focusing on enhancing skills, clarifying goals, and implementing effective strategies.

The coach provides guidance, support, and accountability, helping clients navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and develop the necessary skills and mindset for growth. Business coaching encompasses various areas such as leadership development, communication skills, strategic planning, and performance improvement.

Unlike consulting, which often involves providing solutions, business coaching emphasizes self-discovery and personal growth. Coaches use powerful questioning, active listening, and constructive feedback to facilitate learning and encourage clients to explore their strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots.

Ultimately, business coaching fosters professional development, enhances organizational effectiveness, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. It's a transformative process that empowers individuals and teams to unleash their potential and achieve sustainable success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Mentoring is...


... a relationship-based process where an experienced individual (the mentor) provides guidance, support, and knowledge to a less experienced individual (the mentee) to facilitate their personal and professional development. Unlike coaching, mentoring typically involves a longer-term, informal relationship characterized by mutual trust, respect, and shared learning.

Mentors serve as role models, offering insights based on their own experiences, wisdom, and expertise in a particular field or domain. They provide valuable feedback, encouragement, and perspective to help mentees navigate challenges, set goals, and make informed decisions. Mentoring relationships often evolve organically, with mentors offering advice, sharing resources, and serving as sounding boards for mentees' ideas and aspirations.

Overall, mentoring is a dynamic process that fosters learning, growth, and empowerment for both mentors and mentees. It's a collaborative journey where knowledge and wisdom are passed down, relationships are nurtured, and individuals are inspired to reach their full potential.

Occasionally, a generally less experienced individual provides support to a more experienced one. This usually happens in areas related to new technologies and SNS and is known as "Reverse Mentoring".

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