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The talent, ability and knowledge possessed by businesspeople worldwide constitute the driving force for any organization’s progress.


When it comes to global interaction, promoting ways where persons are able to display their true ability and skill beyond boundaries of culture, gender and age can empower them to reach their full contribution potential, increasing personal and corporate efficiency and satisfaction.

The level of dedication, knowledge and skill that talented businesspeople exhibit is extraordinary, at least when they operate within their own parameters: cultural, social and generational .


When these same people try to interact with people from other groups (e.g. from other countries or younger employees), they often are not able to display their true ability and skill. In other words, there is almost always a gap between their potential ability and the ability contribute when working in a diverse business environment. This gap is a big business cost for the organizations and a major source of demotivation for associates.

Esteve&Partners can help organizations and individuals to recognize the boundaries they put on their potential and support to overcome them.

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