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Esteve&Partners ?


More than 20 years. Over 15 different countries in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. Sectors ranging from industrial and retail automotive, construction machinery or factory automation to pharmaceutical packaging and human resources. This is the background you can find when working with us. 


We enjoy the privilege to work for a number of great companies, supporting them to take better advantage of global markets and internationally minded associates, as well as improving their processes and optimizing their system landscapes.


Being able to reach out to a wide network of business partners and independent agents is something you can benefit from. From graphic designers and project managers to marketing strategists and management coaches, we find the team or individual you can get solutions from.

Marc Esteve
CEO, Senior Management Advisor
  • Over 20 years experience providing interdisciplinary, international leadership as well as worldwide talent and team empowerment

  • Developed a global view as both provider and customer of IT services

  • Familiar with operations: Logistics to Finance and Controlling, through Sales, Human Resources, Quality Control and Manufacturing

  • Management experience built upon an academic foundation in both business (MBA) and IT (MSc in Computer Science) as well as line and project management

  • Work naturally in international, multicultural and multilingual teams

  • Entrepreneurial, versatile, result-oriented, strategic leader and change agent

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