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Revolutionize Your Workplace Seminar

Updated: May 9

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Left to right: Mr. Esteve, Founder/CEO of Esteve&Partners, Mr. Yamada, CEO of R3S and Mr. Cevik, Founder/CEO of HR-ON

Joined a event hosted by Ginto Asia on Wednesday, the 17th, in what resulted to be an enlightening seminar to redefine our understanding of progressive working environments. This event was a must-attend for HR managers and business owners who are ready to leverage HR to lead, attract talent, and stay competitive in an AI era.

Three speakers, including Mr. Yuji Yamada, CEO of R3S, Mr. Ali Cevik, Founder & CEO of HR-ON, and Mr. Chris Frost Founder & CEO of COGS, shared their insights on how to build self-driven, self-autonomous, non-hierarchical organizations, people-first cultures that deliver exceptional growth.

Mr. Yamada shared insights from the recently published book "Corporate Rebels". Make Work More Fun. He gave examples, both international and Japan, on how progressive organisations have built for self-driven self-autonomous culture, non-hierarchical organizations and people first cultures. Mr. Yamada will also shared his work to develop organizational pioneers in Japan through building the local Corporate Rebels rcommunity. 

Mr. Cevik showed the audience how HR-ON’s customers are using digitalization and AI in HR to improve the employee experience while boosting the HR team’s standing and efficiency. He also touched upon how HR-ON uses Value Based Management to empower employees & realize rapid growth.  

Finally, Mr. Frost shared his insights on what to look for in candidate profiles and interview tell signs that will reveal if a candidate likely  contributes to, and thrive in, a modern progressive work environment. 

They also discussed the impact of HR Digitalization & AI on the employee experience and how to select the right candidates for a progressive work environment.

It was also an opportunity to learn from the best and network with like-minded professionals in a distended environment.

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