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"Life is not easy."
Let's challenge that.

Esteve&Partners offers you best in class flexible solutions for project and spot consulting services focusing on international and intercultural challenges. Reaching to an extense network of independent service providers, we are able to create value based consultancy on a wide range of topics.


So you can focus on your business.

Our Services

Our Services
Learning and Development

Our quest for improvement is embedded in our genes. We have evolved from living in caves to sending probes into inter-stellar space. Are we using this ability in our organizations? Is our team learning what it needs to keep the business running or are they developing to shape the future?

Diversity Management

When it comes to global interaction, promoting persons to display their true ability and skill beyond boundaries of culture, gender and age (sometimes even race or social position) does empower them to reach their full contribution potential, increasing personal and corporate efficiency and satisfaction.


Working with different cultures can be challenging and is the number one factor for the failure international projects. Because it is not just the language, or the way you sit at dinner. 

Learn how to successfully engage your business partners, understand their business culture and expectations and get prepared for effective negotiations.   

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Project Management

How do we define a project nowadays, when we are not longer local, when we can't be sure about business cycles? Is the classical five-phases approach still adequate or do we need something closer to Agile Management? 

Both have their merits, but which one is best for your organization's current challenge? 

Coaching & Mentoring

An organization might want external support to solve a problem, facilitate a discussion or just provide expertise and knowledge. Or an individual might want some long-term support to develop theirselves and their career.

With the advances in technology it is now possible to find across the globe the right person to move things forward. Why not give it a try?

Change Management

We get used to things, processes, people. But the world is in constant change and we need to adapt ourselves and our organizations.

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Why we do
What we do

"I believe we find our sense of fulfillment in improving our world, our society, our organizations and our families. Our true strengths are the capacity to think differently, the courage to challenge the status quo, the willingness to collaborate and the curiosity for knowledge. “Why?” should always be the first question we ask."

Marc Esteve

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