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Adding to Democracy: A debate with former Catalan President and the current Digital Policy Minister

Updated: May 9

E&P’s CEO Marc Esteve was honored to co-host an online debate with former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and current Catalan Digital Policy Minister, Jordi Puigneró. Both have published books in recent months, Mr. Puigdemont on his actions as President of Catalonia and his current struggles in exile, Mr. Puigneró on how to enable a digital republic and empower citizens to be part of it.

The call took place on December 16th, evening time in Japan, and was joined by about 40 participants. After a session of questioning by the two hosts, during which both speakers explained the background of their books and their basic political views, participants were able to provide their own questions and opinions into the round.

After 90 minutes of vivid debate, the session finished with the call for a repetition early next year, to allow additional time for un-responded questions.

E&P is looking forward to support debates among different parties of any kind, to promote understanding and respect over cultural, gender, race, age and political gaps. Please feel free to contact us about it.

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