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Barcelona Port Authority Trade Mission to Japan

Updated: May 9

Esteve&Partners was invited to join yesterday, Nov. 11th 2019, the main event of the Barcelona Port Authority's Trade Mission to Japan, a Business Conference on Japan-Catalonia new business opportunities.

The Port Authority of Barcelona is organizing this multi-sectoral trade mission in Tokyo and Yokohama, which is being joined by companies from the Port Community and Import/Export sectors from Catalonia. The delegation integrated by 60 business professionals is headed by the “Consellera” (regional minister) for Business and Knowledge, Ms. Ma Àngels Chacón, the “Conseller” of Territory and Sustainability, Mr. Damià Calvet, and the President of the Port of Barcelona, Ms. Mercè Conesa.

This trade mission is part of the promotion policy of the Port Logistics Community of Barcelona for the internationalization of the companies of Catalonia. The main objective is to establish a bridge between Japanese and Catalan businesses and official institutions in order to find new business opportunities, as a result of the signature of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.

The business conference included speeches from: - Mr. Kazuo Nishitani, Secretary General, Japan Spain Business Co-operation Committee JCCI

- Ms. Hiromi Furuya, Director General, Bureau of Port & Harbor - Mr. Yoshitaka Hoshino, Executive Vice President, JETRO

- Ms. Mercè Conesa, President of the Port Authority of Barcelona

- Ms. Maria Àngels Chacón, Consellera for Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia

- Mr. Damià Calvet, Conseller of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia (picture)

The conference closing included the signature of different agreements between Japanese and Catalan organizations related to freight, logistics and customs.

It was followed by a Networking Lunch with participation of the aforementioned authorities and a large number of enterprises, both Japanese and Catalan, which offered a great opportunity to make new contacts, institutional and business related. The entire event was held at the newly opened facilities of the Hotel Okura in Tokyo.

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