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Catalan Professionals in Japan: networking dinner

E&P CEO Marc Esteve hosted the third networking dinner for the Catalan Professionals in Japan, a group of interdisciplinary professionals coming from or having a link to Catalonia. Its purpose is to create connections both among Catalans working in Japan and with Japanese or other nationals interested in the Catalan working ecosystem.

The main topic of this meeting was the introduction of the Foreign Friends of Catalonia group, an initiative to foster a network of proximity ambassadors for the Catalan way, including web-based channels such as Twitter and Telegram.

Other topics discussed were the upcoming direct flight connection between Tokyo and Barcelona as well as some visits to Japan by Catalan officials later this year.

The dinner fell on April 23rd, which is St. George's Day, celebrated in Catalonia by means of gifting books and roses to beloved ones. Bookstores, publishers and writers put on stalls on the streets where by-passers can flip through books, buy some or chase for signatures. Hence the roses in the picture.

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