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Learning for sales staff at Nissan: even more important in times of great uncertainty.

Updated: May 9

Covid-19 has impacted sales, for everybody, worldwide. Not just turnover figures but also the way to conduct negotiations and reach succesful deals. Sales staff need to learn how to adjust to the new environment efficiently, providing the best customer experience and leading to profitable operations.

But also the learning environment has been affected: Face-to-face, instructor lead programs have been halted and partially replaced by live webinars. And a significant move has been seen towards e-learning, empowering employees to control their own learning paths and rhythms. Innovations like Microlearning or contents portability, which allow to study on any device at any time, together with social layers over learning programs have made the experience for students more exciting than ever before.

This is why we consider it very important that our contract with Nissan Motor Corporation has been extended for the entire fiscal year 2020.

The contract, instrumented through our strategic partner J-Global, Inc., allows us to continue providing consulting services for learning strategy and technology for the front-end sales area through March 2021.

We are looking forward to our collaboration with the Nissan teams in creating and delivering excelent motivational learning for the sales front-end worldwide. Especially through these challenging times.

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