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Started the Talent Systems Division at our partner J-Global., Inc.

Updated: May 9

Esteve&Partners just started a new business together with their strategic partner J-Global, Inc. This new division is Talent Systems and aims at offering integrated Learning & Development solutions to J-Global customers.

Esteve&Partners will be fully in charge of this new business challenge.

Offering state-of-the-art solutions to manage learning and talent creation processes. On top of simple learning contents distribution platforms, with our Learning Management Systems enables companies to:

- Deliver training: plan your Face To Face trainings and Seminars, offer elearning catalogues, schedule coaching session by managers

- Provide MicroLearning directly to users on any device

- Monitor sign-ups, completions, scores, confidence levels, trends, non-activations, drop-outs, high achievements

- Use a Dashboard for user, teams, departments, group companies, etc., including relative scores, team comparisons and other gamification methods

- Send out reminders / encouragement by mail, SMS or other social networks

- Survey learners satisfaction, improvement ideas, planned follow-up tasks

- Give Learning Developers and Traings relevant feedback to make their work more efficient

Talent Management Systems (TMS) currently being developed will allow any company to manage the entire talent life cycle including recruiting candidates, managing performance, developing careers, providing learning, performing talent reviews, and planning successions.

All of it aligned with common global HR processes, supporting local compliance needs across multiple countries, as well as with your Enterprise Social Networks (ESN). With the goal of engaging your workforce, attract and retain top talent and helping employees be more productive at work.

Upon requirement, we will be able to offer connections via API to any other HR solutions: payroll, safety monitoring, helpdesk etc. to make the entire Human Capital Management an integrated flow where you can focus on the persons, not on the systems.

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