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Succesful launch of two new intercultural e-learning programs with J-Global, Inc.

Updated: May 9

This month we launched, together with our strategig partner J-Global, Inc., two new e-learning programs oriented to Japanese companies wanting to optimize their globalization efforts.

Both programs are based on the Microlearning Plus approach: a new way of online learning combining bilingual digital presentation, action learning and real-time interaction. They are offered in Japanese, English as well as bilingual versions.

Global Communication Mindset, focusing on Japanese employees to:

  • Communicate with confidence no matter the starting level of English.

  • Learn the 20 Rules of Global Communication, the keys to a more positive mindset and greater cultural understanding.

  • A bilingual version allows to study each lesson first in Japanese, then in English only so the learner will fully "think in English".

  • A short version, called Global Communication Mindset INTRO, provides insights into the main 8+1 Rules of Global Communication.

International Leader’s Program is an essential intercultural learning for international leaders in Japan.

  • A short-cut to navigating Japanese business culture, enabling non-Japanese managers to learn what it takes years to figure out, and to build a successful career in a Japanese company.

  • Learn intercultural frameworks to understand and satisfy Japanese managers and colleagues. Combine non-Japanese global-style strengths with Japanese-style teamwork and followership strengths to lead positive change in any company

For more information please contact us with the form below.

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