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Did you know? Referral vs. Testimonial

There is sometimes some confusion about referrals and testimonials, especially among non-native English speakers. So we though to give you a quick hint.

A referral and a testimonial are similar but have some key differences:


- A referral is typically given directly, or through a candidate, to a potential employer or client to recommend the candidate for a job or project.

- It's a personal endorsement based on firsthand experience working with the person.

- Referrals tend to be more concise and focus mostly on relevant skills/qualifications.


- A testimonial is a written statement of endorsement meant to be published publicly.

- It serves to validate the person's skills, experience or quality of work, as well as their soft-skills, such as ability for teamwork.

- Testimonials are often longer and more detailed than referrals. But they can also be kept short, especially if the endorser has limited experience with the endorsed person.

- They can be given by clients, employers, colleagues etc. even without direct working experience.

So in essence, a referral is a direct recommendation to someone hiring, while a testimonial is a public statement endorsing the person's abilities more broadly. But both aim to vouch for the individual's qualities.

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